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Some Thoughts on CrunchyFrog 0.3

September 11, 2008

In the last few months some people asked me how to execute single statements in CrunchyFrog. It’s possible, just select the text you want to execute and hit F5. If no text is selected all text in the SQL editor is executed in whole.

This is not really satisfying so I played around with a SQL splitter. It’s inspired by Google’s GQL parser found in their App Engine SDK and currently it only tries to find statement boundaries in the SQL editor. The statements are marked with a little arrow and that’s all for the moment. The backend that executes the statements still needs some work. If everything works as expected some simple SQL parsing will be part of the next major release.

If anyone knows a good SQL parser module for Python, leave a comment! Even a solid SQL splitter would be enough in the first run.

Another topic for the next major release is the plugin system, especially the install and update mechanism. I plan to use Capucchin. It should be easy to integrate in the current sources and it’s definitely better than another homegrown plugin updater and installer.

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